Location : Hungary

“Bay Zoltán Research Centre, Hungary’s major applied research institute at the ZalaZONE automotive R&D park offers researchers, engineers and organisations access to Delta series S3 DIL simulator. 

Open access to an advanced driver-in-the-loop (DIL) simulators is now available at the Bay Zoltán Research Centre in Hungary. Alongside Bay Zoltán’s own growing number of research projects, external engineers and companies working on autonomous, human factors, driver assistance, vehicle dynamics, V2X, motorsports and electrification technologies now have flexible access to a high fidelity DIL simulator laboratory of a high level with linear actuators. Located close to the Austrian, Slovenian and Croatian borders, it offers a convenient venue that also comprises a proving ground that is attracting many European automotive manufacturers and suppliers. Ansible Motion’s Delta series S3 simulator features an open and modular architecture which is software agnostic, allowing it to operate seamlessly with virtually every automotive software package a customer would need such as Hexagon VTD (environment and traffic scenarios), Cosworth Pi Toolbox (telemetry and data analysis), AVL VSM™ (vehicle modelling) and AVL Model.CONNECT™ (model integration and co-simulation). Project partner, AVL, provided key engineering services and software stacks that will directly support use cases ranging from ADAS and autonomous developments to high performance vehicle dynamics and chassis development work.

The infrastructure at Bay Zoltán will enable vehicle modelling, scenario generation and environment simulation for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and motorsport applications, with options for customers to have bespoke cabins for a fully immersive experience. Now operational, the first projects include autonomous driving and ADAS developments.”