Schöner H.-P.; Schmieder H.; Chardonnet J.-R.; Colombet F. and Kemeny A. Verification of Stereoscopic Projection Systems for Quantitative Distance and Speed Perception Tasks In: Proceedings of the Driving Simulation Conference 2022 Europe VR, Driving Simulation Association, Strasbourg, France, 2022, pp. 79-91


The goal of this paper is to propose a check list and several easy-to-conduct verification procedures in order to verify that a stereoscopic projection system has been set up correctly with respect to properties which might influence distance and speed perception. The paper first introduces the multitude of factors contributing to distance and speed perception in driving simulators, and then discusses the typical technical provisions for providing relevant cues for the perception of a human driver. Verification methods are proposed to assure, that at least some important parameters of the visual system are set up in a physically correct way in order to reduce ambiguous parameters of further research contributions. This should make them more reproducible and finally help to better understand the open issues in distance and speed perception in driving simulators.

Extended version available here

Distance calibration checklist for individuals (PDF)

Distance calibration checklist for installation (PDF)

Distance calibration checklist (Excel sheet)