Welcome to the Driving Simulation Association (DSA) website, dedicated to the community of driving simulator developpers and users.

Our association is represented by three letters: D, as Driving, for the vehicle driver couple, S, as Simulation for design or testing, before physical prototyping and A, for Association of engineers and researchers – a professional community of individual members, entreprises and institutions.

The Driving Simulation Association aims to:

  • promote and encourage driving simulation in all its aspects: teaching, research, studies, developments, applications and products;
  • facilitate communication between people already involved or interested in driving simulation;
  • contribute to the organization of scientific conferences in the area of driving simulation, i.e., Driving Simulation Conference (DSC) Europe.
You can visit our site, consult news, job/traineeship offers, call for papers, etc. and a wiki dedicated to Driving Simulation.

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