Andras Kemeny, Jean-Rémy Chardonnet, Florent Colombet, Getting rid of cybersickness, the latest handbook on motion, VR and simulation sickness with over 600 references and a best practice chapter, now available!

In Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Simulation

  • Explores the underlying causes of cybersickness, based on the latest scientific literature
  • Provides software and hardware solutions to remove or reduce cybersickness
  • Offers practical recommendations for the use of VR helmets to avoid or reduce cybersickness effects

This book provides a concise overview of VR systems and their cybersickness effects, giving a description of possible reasons and existing solutions to reduce or avoid them. Moreover, the book explores the impact that understanding how efficiently our brains are producing a coherent and rich representation of the perceived outside world would have on helping VR technics to be more efficient and friendly to use.
Getting Rid of Cybersickness will help readers to understand the underlying technics and social stakes involved, from engineering design to autonomous vehicle motion sickness to video games, with the hope of providing an insight of VR sickness induced by the emerging immersive technologies. This book will therefore be of interest to academics, researchers and designers within the field of VR, as well as industrial users of VR and driving simulators.

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