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AVSimulation Unveils SCANeR 2024.1 Powered by ne>

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[Paris, France. February 7th, 2024] – AVSimulation, a joint venture between SOGECLAIR, Renault Group, Dassault Systèmes and UTAC and pioneer in automotive simulation solutions, proudly announces the launch of SCANeR 2024.1. This major release results from a comprehensive 4-year Research and Development process and has been made possible by the support of the program France Relance.

It also signifies a paradigm shift in SCANeR as its architecture and disruptive technological components are aimed to support the automotive industry in its digital revolution, addressing previous limitations and poised to revolutionize the driving simulation technology.

New Architecture:

SCANeR 2024.1 introduces a modern and versatile architecture, ensuring optimum performance in all situations. The compact and easy-to-embed design allows models and tools to run seamlessly on various platforms, including workstations, real-time platforms, clusters, and even the cloud. This flexibility facilitates the use of simulation at every stage of the development process.

Digital Vehicle mode:

Responding to the automotive industry’s shift from mechanic to digital, SCANeR 2024.1 redesigns vehicle modeling, consolidating all systems and components into a user-friendly interface which allows direct configuration in the vehicle mode. This innovation reduces setup time, enhances navigation with a 3D interactive view, and simplifies file formats into a unified DVE. Notably, a new block-based FMU mapping editor streamlines integration.

Enhanced Usability:

SCANeR 2024.1 prioritizes enhanced usability with features like automatic model selection, improved data organization, a unique data model, and graphical programming. Each aspect is designed to simplify users’ lives and make their work more efficient, ensuring a seamless integration into existing workflows.

Unreal 5 Support:

SCANeR 2024.1 shifts its UXD engine to Unreal Engine 5, providing a higher level of realism and performance. Leveraging the Virtual Shadow, Lumen lighting system and Nanite technology, SCANeR 2024.1 provides users with a visually stunning and realistic simulation environment.

Unified Data Model and Records Format:

Farewell to disparate information sharing methods! SCANeR 2024.1 adopts a structured data model, encapsulating the whole simulation information accross every SCANeR features such as Mapping, ControlPad & AnalyzingTool, Scripts, and SDK. The release unifies record formats into a sophisticated SQLite result database, streamlining data access and extraction.

New Time Management System:

SCANeR 2024.1 incorporates a robust time management system with an integrated scheduler component, enabling better transitions between real-time and non-real-time simulations. The clock server concept ensures compatibility with Master/Slave architecture, granting users unprecedented control over simulation speed during runtime.


As SCANeR 2024.1 Powered by ne><t takes center stage, it marks not just a product release but a commitment to innovation and collaboration. This work has been made possible, in part, by the support of the French government through the France Relance plan. This collaboration underscores the significance of public-private partnerships in driving innovation and progress in critical industries” said Thomas Nguyen, Head of Strategy and Product of AVSimulation.

For AVSimulation, some of the benefits of this “next-generation” driving simulation tool and more efficient ADAS and AV validation software can include:

  • An automotive industry that is more agile and competitive with shortened development cycles.
  • Safer and more reliable vehicles thanks to billions of virtual kilometers traveled.
  • Validation of perception software for numerous sensors increasingly based on physics-based modelling.
  • Training of neural networks and AI algorithms used by ADAS and AV through simulation.
  • Democratization of driving simulation software with quicker learning curves.
  • An open and modular ecosystem “made in France,” fostering better collaboration among automotive players, telecommunication operators, digital and tech entities, and local authorities interested in developing the mobility of the future and smarter cities.


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About AVSimulation

AVSimulation* is a leading provider of advanced simulation solutions for mobility systems.

Our flagship software, SCANeR™, enables automotive manufacturers and researchers to develop, test, and validate mobility systems within highly realistic virtual environments. From ADAS to autonomous vehicles and human factors studies, SCANeR offers diverse scenarios for assessing safety, performance, and functionality. With a range of simulators and custom solutions available, AVSimulation accelerates the development and deployment of all mobility systems, driving towards safer and more efficient transportation solutions.

*AVSimulation is a joint venture between Dassault Systems, Renault Group, SOGECLAIR and UTAC.

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