Location : Japan

Nissan’s 6-axis motion based driving simulator is used to evaluate driver performance and Man Machine Interface design for ADAS and telematics based on-board information services.

It consists of a motion platform on which a real vehicle cabin is mounted and a large field-of-view screen that is installed on the floor. It has been designed to provide a highly realistic immersive driving environment.

The three linear and three rotational accelerations are simulated with angular movement by an hexapod cooperative motor-driven system. A total of six screens provide a 120 degree horizontal and 30 degree vertical field of view.

“Nissan designs and adjusts switches and dials to the centimeter so it needs a large-scale device to test things out. This simulator creates a driving “performance” just like the real thing. Sitting in the cockpit, a giant screen in front and behind shows computer graphics that match the simulated driving motion. The test participant truly comes to believe they are actually driving on a road.”
Nissan MMI driving simulator
Kuge N., Masanori K. & Itoh k. A study on a motion algorithm based on a driver-centered approach, Proceedings of DSC Europe 2002, Paris
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