Location: Ohio, USA

“The driving simulator incorporated the following hardware: an electric steering motor with high-speed communication and high accuracy encoder, a limited motion 3-DoF motion system developed by D-Box, and a Ford Mustang cockpit and instrument panel, refer Table 1. The system was integrated by using QuadDS software, developed by Mechanical Simulation Corporation.

 Specification on the Simulator

The steering force-feedback uses a SensoDrive SENSO-Wheel SD-LC electric motor that communicates via CAN. Vehicle physics are done in CarSim from Mechanical Simulation Corporation. The pedals and shifter are from Heusinkveld and Fanatec, respectively, both of which communicate through the USB interface.

Limited Motion Platform:

A 3DoF limited motion platform is used for this DiL simulator, with motion in – Roll, Pitch, and Heave. Four D-Box gen two 250i motion actuators were mounted at the corners of the simulator platform. The range of the actuators in terms of the pitch, roll, and heave is 3°, 7°, and 3” (76.2 mm), respectively.”

Current form of the Driving Simulator

Sekar R., Chrstos J.P., Dupaix R., & Romano R., Assessing the Impact of 3DOF Motion on Driver Performance in a Small DiL, Proceedings of DSC Europe 2020, Antibes

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