Location: Weissach, Germany

The VFP2 consists of a hexapod with a top platform. The system is installed in a pit to enable the change of different mock-ups in short time. For the maximum gross load of 1800 kg, the system performance can be seen in this table:

System performance of the hexapod

The visualisation setup consisted of a 4-sided CAVE with 11 projectors (120 Hz, 60 Hz per eye and WQXGA resolution) and rear projection. To further improve the immersion, active shutter glasses for a 3D driving experience can be applied.

The Porsche Dynamic Driving Simulator VFP2

Ronellenfitsch A., Dong S., Baumgartner E., Reuss H-C., & Schramm D., Objective Criteria for Motion-Cueing EvaluationProceedings of DSC Europe 2019, Strasbourg

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