Location: Weissach, Germany

The VFP2 consists of a hexapod with a top platform. The system is installed in a pit to enable the change of different mock-ups in short time. For the maximum gross load of 1800 kg, the system performance can be seen in table 1:

Table 1: System performance of the hexapod

The visualisation setup consisted of a 4-sided CAVE with 11 projectors (120 Hz and WQXGA resolution) and rear projection. Images were computed at 60 Hz per eye, which was possible for the comparably simple landscape of this study. To further improve the immersion, active shutter glasses for a 3D driving experience were applied.

The Porsche Dynamic Driving Simulator VFP2

Ronellenfitsch A., Dong S., Baumgartner E., Reuss H-C., & Schramm D., Objective Criteria for Motion-Cueing Evaluation, Proceedings of DSC Europe 2019, Strasbourg

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