Location : Japan

Toyota develops simulations activities to educate people on traffic safety, pursuing a higher level of vehicle safety and participating in the creation of safe traffic environment. Toyota’s goal is to have zero fatal and injury accident for the future.”

Near Mount Fuji, in Susanoo city, in Shizuoka Prefecture, is located Toyota Higashi-Fuji Technical Center where a high performance simulator has been installed : the Toyota Dynamic Driving Simulator.

The dome is 4.5 meters high and measures 7.1 meters of diameter. A real car is installed inside the dome with all components (steering wheel, pedals, dashboard…) to simulate real driving conditions. The interior wall surface is a spherical screen system which uses 8 projectors to display a 360° the car’s environment. To be closer to the reality, sound also reproduce the sound of the car, the wind and the road noices.Toyota’s moving-base driving simulator has the largest moving range in the world. It can move within a range of 35 meters by 20 meters. The maximum acceleration is of 0.5G and up to 6.1 meters per second. The dome sits on top of hexapod system that can tilt the dome by up to 25 degrees. Finally, vertical vibration system is installed inside the dome to recreate the speed bump and holes on the road.

Toyota Dynamic Driving Simulator

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