Location: Wolfsburg, Germany

“This simulator consists of a hexapod with the following motion capacities in order to simulate motion cues:

 Motion system dimensions (E2M)

Currently, the visualization system used is the HTC Vive Pro (status March 2019).

Another special feature of this driving simulator is the variable mock-up. With the integrated functions of this mock-up, the primary contact points to the car (steering wheel, pedals, and seat) are automatically movable to the correct ergonomic position in every vehicle concept.

Thus, the simulator provides for each car model an ergonomic correct sitting position. This, for instance, is very important for evaluations of visibilities.”

HMD-based driving simulator of the whole vehicle development department of Volkswagen

Hartfiel B., Stark R., Influence of Vestibular Cues in Head-Mounted Display-Based Driving Simulators, Proceedings of DSC Europe 2019, Strasbourg


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