Location: Germany, WIVW

“The driving simulation software SILAB® (version 6.0) was used for environment visualization as well as for simulation of the CAD system, traffic and vehicle dynamics.

An Opel Insignia Sports Tourer was used as mock-up of the driving simulator.

The simulator had a 300° horizontal and 47° vertical field of vision, with five image channels, each one with a resolution of 1400×1050 pixels. The update frequency was 60 Hz. In addition, there were two LCD displays representing the right and left outside mirror. The interior mirror reflected a LCD display positioned in the trunk of the mock-up showing the scenery behind the vehicle.

During the experimental drives, the experimenter was able to observe and communicate with the participant via intercom.”

Purucker C., Befelein D., Neukum A., Marberger C., Non-critical state transitions during conditionally automated driving on freeways: Comparing results from a driving simulator and a Wizard-of-Oz vehicle, Proceedings of DSC Europe 2019, Strasbourg

The WIVW static driving simulator

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