The value of simulators to Formula E teams this season

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The November issue of Racecar Engineering features an article on how simulators will be an even more important strategic tool for the second-generation Formula E car and particularly with changes to the format for this season. With insight from Cruden and Mahindra Racing. Follow this link to read the full article.

Season 5 of the all-electric FIA Formula E World Championship represents the biggest leap forward for the series with completely new second-generation cars, the addition of brand new street circuits and the arrival of official manufacturer teams such as BMW, Audi, Nissan, Porsche and Mercedes, who join Jaguar, DS, NIO and Mahindra.

Ushering in ‘Formula E 2.0’ is not without its unique challenges, and simulators can offer a huge advantage.

“Accurate modelling of battery energy flow and thermal behaviour are also especially important for Formula E,” says Dr. David Batterbee, senior simulation and performance engineer, Mahindra Racing. “Getting all these factors right maximises the performance that can be extracted from the simulator and ensures that problems being solved are equivalent to those experienced on track. With the Gen2 car, our simulator will enable us to develop and map the brake-by-wire system, explore the new aerodynamic platform as well as the thermal and energy management of the new battery package.”

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Source: Cruden