VI-grade Introduces VI-WorldSim, a High-Resolution Graphic Environment for Accelerated Vehicle Development

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DiM150 driving simulator in an Mcity high-fidelity replica modeled with the VI-WorldSim graphic environment

The new software, based on Unreal engine, features a user-friendly and fully integrated graphic environment for accelerated vehicle development on VI-grade Driving Simulators with realistic multi-agent AI traffic behavior and sensor fusion.

Darmstadt, November 11th, 2020 – VI-grade introduces VI-WorldSim, a high-resolution graphic environment for accelerated vehicle development dedicated to the high-end automotive market.

The new VI-WorldSim software features a user-friendly and fully integrated graphic environment on VI-grade Driving Simulators with realistic traffic and sensor behavior. The software not only brings traditional track modeling to a higher level of realism based on the Unreal high-performance graphic engine but also adds the features needed to test on CAV sites, urban environments, and public roads for ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle Testing. VI-WorldSim features include traffic, pedestrians, lighting, weather, and sensors to enable users to create and test scenarios for vehicle development programs through an intuitive and easy-to-use desktop editor. Cars, pedestrians, and animals are AI-driven actors who follow normal routes or can be controlled through the definition of specific behaviors.

It became clear to us that the ADAS market was demanding Driver Simulators with greater workspaces, more sustained motion cues, and a much more immersive and fully integrated, real-time visual environment for urban driving. Users wanted a visual environment that unites the high frame-rate rendering capabilities of our VI-GraphSim software with very modern and realistic traffic and sensor simulation as well as urban roadway content displayed in a high-quality rendering engine,said Guido Bairati, VP of Sales and Marketing, VI-grade.We then turned toward software providers for autonomous vehicles and discovered RightHook, a Silicon Valley company that shares our values and has deep expertise in multi-agent traffic simulation, sensor simulation, and deep capabilities in the Unreal gaming engine. RightHook, now part of VI-grade, spent the last eighteen months together with our development team building what we believe is the best integrated visual environment for driving simulators ever produced. We couldn’t be happier with the incredible accomplishments of this team and are looking forward to share this exciting new product with our customer base.

VI-WorldSim provides users with a single engine for all different types of environments, simulations and disciplines: chassis development, driver training, CAV test site, public road testing of ADAS/AV, and EuroNCAP testing. Users can benefit from a single high-quality graphic engine with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Powerful traffic and agents (including different vehicles, pedestrians, animals), preconfigured scenarios and a comprehensive library of popular sensors make VI-WorldSim the perfect tool to enable immersive subjective feel and feedback. The software, which today supports all VI-grade’s Driving Simulators, comes in several configurations and will soon be available also for offline usage. To learn more about VI-WorldSim and to request a demo version, visit: vi  

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